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How to take part in the Biennale

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Which projects can participate?
We will ask you to send in a project for an urban block. It should adhere to the following formal principles:
1. It should be a new building realized after 2000.
2. It should be a block for a site that has roads on at least three sides.
3. It should contain housing in the form of apartments (no terraced housing). Mixed use is also possible, but more then 50% should be housing

Why this exhibition?
The theme of the Moscow Architecture Biennale is The Urban Block. At this very moment, the Moscow authorities are implementing new policies that aim at replacing the practice of constructing modular high-rise pre-fab housing areas with an urbanism that is based on urban blocks. Now the first housing areas within this new paradigm are realised. Designs often lack the sophistication of blocks created in countries with a longer tradition in this field. Moreover what is missing is the diversity needed to create a modern and lively city.
In order to show what are the possibilities of the urban block we would like to invite architects from Western and Southern Europe to send in their works for our exhibition. The aim is not only to show these blocks to the public, but also to bring Russian clients in contact with foreign architects that can help them in realizing their projects.

Open Urbanism Institute
This project is a pilot for the establishment of an Urban Block Catalogue by the Institite for Open Urbanism (OUI). The launch of this Institute will take place at the Moscow Architecture Biennale. The Institute, that will be based in Amsterdam and Moscow, aims at improving the urban quality of cities around the world by opening up the market for architecture. This includes the organization of architectural competitions, the establishment of databases of architectural projects and the introduction of urban interfaces that make it possible to apply architectural knowledge more efficiently then is the case right now.
The materials of the Urban Block Collection will be used for a publication on Open Urbanism that will be published in English and Chinese by DOM Publishers in Berlin.

How will we show your project(s)?

Exhibition`: Block Gallery
We will make a large wall with a portrait gallery: each block will be represented with a large photograph (The Gallery Picture) of 60 x 84 cm. The photo should be taken from the street at eye height. Perspecive should be corrected (vertical lines should be parralel).
In front of the wall there will be a long table with information on the project. For this table you will have to make a panel (Explanation Panel) of 28 x 60 см. The projects will be categorized in accordance with the size of the site. Decisive is the site width.

The Gallery Image
A print file for
- a panel of 597 x 837 mm
- 150 dpi, CMYK
- file type: pdf
- filename should start with the width of your block and then the word image, then your company name for instance 82imageABCarchitects.pdf
template: see imagetemplate (zip/indd)

The Explanation Panel
- a panel of 278 x 597 mm
- 150 dpi, CMYK
- file type: pdf
- filename should start with the width of your block and then the word panel, then your company name for instance 82panelABCarchitects.pdf
template: see paneltemplate (zip/indd)
The address for uploading the file will be available April 29
Deadline 15/05

Slide show: Block Buster
The project will be shown in a slide show at the Moscow Architecture Forum that is held during the Biennale exhibition and is titled: Block City - a new urban doctrine. This conference brings together architects, developers and civil servants active in the planning and construction of new housing area's.

For the slide show we willl use your Gallery Image
- resolution of 1920 x 1080 dpi
- one-page powerpoint file
- filename should start with the width of your block and then your company name for instance 82ABCarchitects.ppt
see slidetemplate (zip/indd)
Please send this to and put the file name in the subject line
Deadline 15/05

Publication: Block Guide
Al projects will be printed in a booklet that will be handed out at the exhibition and will be published in the journal PROJECT International (a Russian language publication on foreign architecture)

The Gallery Image
photograph of the block from the street at eye level
- corrected perspective (vertical parallel lines)
- 85 x 60 mm 300 dpi
- jpg maximun quality
- filename should start with the width of your block and than your company name (for instance 82ABCarchitects.jpg)

The Block Configuration
This is a drawing of the outline of the typical floorplan of the block.
- file type: eps
- buildings should be black
- filename should start with the width of your block and than your company name (for instance 82ABCarchitects.eps)

The projects are presented by a number of data
- filename should start with the width of your block and than your company name (for instance 82ABCarchitects.xls)
template: see datatemplate
Please send this to and put the file name in the subject line
Deadline 07/05

What does it cost?
Most of the costs are covered by the Biennale organization and their sponsors. However, we have to ask you for a contribution of 125 Euro. This will cover the printing, mounting and handling costs of each project. You receive an invoice and pay before the start of the exhibition. Please note that the invoice will be sent by our partners ASNOVA B.V. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Deadline: 20/05/2014

What is in it for me?
The exhibition will provide the Biennale public with a variety of high quality housing architecture and typology . This is important, since not very many people know what are the possibilties architecture has to offer. For your office it means that it can enter the Russian market. There are good local architects here, but there are not very many of them. This is why developers are increasingly looking for foreign architects. The exhibition offers you the possibility to get your firm noticed so next time it will be invited when companies organize architects's selections or closed competitions.
Participants are very welcome to come to the exhibition and take part in a conference that will be held on May 22, 2014. If you will inform us ahead of your visit we will let the conference participants and representatives of the press know about your presence. If possible, we will provide you with a slot in one of our lecture halls so you can give a lecture. Please inform us in time about this so we can include it in the program.

What should I do to take part?
First of all, you should select a project that fits the description and send some images to us. When you receive a positive answer you go ahead with preparing the material. There are a number of deadlines, but please note that the earlier you send in your project, the more chance it will be included.
07/05 - sending the data for the publication
15/05 - uploading print files of panels
15/05 - sending your slide
20/05 - paying your invoice