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The Moscow Architecture Biennale

The Moscow Architecture Biennale was established in 2008 by Vasily Bychkov, director of the Arch Moscow exhibition and Bart Goldhoorn, founder and publisher of PROJECT RUSSIA magazine.

Arch Moscow exists since 1994 and has developed as a combination of a trade show and a non-commercial architecture exhibition. With this formula Vasily Bychkov - architect by education - enabled the creation of a yearly exhibition that by now attracts lmost 30.000 visitors per year.

PROJECT RUSSIA was founded in 1995 by Dutch architect Bart Goldhoorn and has developed as the leading journal on architecture and urbanism in Russia.

The creation of the Biennale in 2008 had the aim to make a large thematic exhibition every second year and to increase the participation of foreign curators and architects to the exhibition. (in intermediate years, Arch Moscow focusses of young architects)

Biennale themes:

2008 1st Moscow Architecture Biennale
Theme: How to live?

2010 2nd Moscow Architecture Biennale
Theme: Perestroika

2012 3rd Moscow Architecture Biennale
Theme: Identities

2014 4th Moscow Architecture Biennale
Theme: The Urban Block